Friday, December 17, 2004

G-ROD Runs for president and Makes army recruiting illegal?

Illnois Governor, Democrat Rod Blagojevich ((blah-goy-oh-vich for you out of staters, or G-rod as the press likes to call him) gave off one of those unmistakable signs that he is seriously considering an '08 presidential run, by calling for a Red-state friendly beatdown on the first amendment. The Governor wants to make it a crime to sell or rent sexually explicit or violent video games to minors

This is an unmistakable signal that the Democratic governor from the big red state (in Chicago, Blue Island is more than a suburb its an accurate political description) is seriously considering a run for the roses in the '08 election cycle.

This is one of those no lose moves by the Gov. It's a lovely gesture to all those cultural conservatives that he too is one of them, shaking disgusted head at the lax moral standards of modern media, and Very Concerned About Our Children. At the same time there's no risk that he'll alienate his base. Even if the law passes, its not worth the paper its written on legally speaking. Significantly Richard Posner himself wrote the majority opinion in the St Louis case. To those of us who study law Posner is well known as a very influential judge and possibly the only jurist in America more conservative than Nino Scalia. If he's willing to toss it, most judges will strike it down so quick they'll sprain their wrist banging the gavel. Thus the law will never actually be enforced, and he doesn't have to worry about alienating Hollywood donor types who will have long forgotten about it come '06 and 07.

Its depressing to see a fairly well respected political figure engaging in such a cynical positioning ploy, especially at the expense of my all time favorite Constitutional Amendment (its been #1 for 200 years for a reason.) I suppose its the nature of the current politcal game but I don't have to like it.

There is one funny thing that could come of this little grandstanding ploy though; since the law specifically bans distribution to minors games depicting "realistic human on human violence". It seems that Illinois law would make criminals of every US Army recruiter in Illinois since they give away free copies of This gem


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