Monday, July 25, 2005

Follow the Organ Grinder not the Monkeys: How Rovegate has already screwed W

 This morning on The Stephanie Miller Show, Paul Begala  dazzled me with a brilliant insight on Rovegate:

Follow the Organ Grinder not the Monkeys

In other words stop hunting staffers and focus on the big catch, W himself.  And when you examine the facts as he did, this thing is already very bad for W no matter how you slice it:

The Question of what did the president know and when did he know it matters because either a) Karl Rove lied to his face, and the president is allowing someone who lied to him  to continue working for him, or b) Karl Rove told W the truth and therefore the President has been aiding and abetting the cover-up all this time"

Blam.  There it is.  Based just the facts  we already know; he's either a weak willed president who allows his staff to lie to him, or a crook helping hide evidence of a crime.

Of course with all due respect to the brilliant Mr. Begala; let me add a third possibility:

That W is so disconnected from the country and disinterested in anything out side his bubble, that he never bothered to ask Karl Rove in the first place.  Maybe (and very possibly) Karl is really the Organ Grinder  and W is no more than another cleverly disguised Monkey.

The good news is: No matter how you frame it, they all make him look very very bad. So we of course, need to hammer these points home at every turn.   Wouldn't you just love to see Ken Melhman's Talking Points burst into flames when the question of the week becomes variants of:  "Is the President:  a)  gullible and weak willed.  b) an unindicted co-conspirator or c) just out of touch and incompetent?


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