Monday, April 25, 2005

New Gannon Dirt and how R's acted during the last male prostitute scandal

Thanks to a FOIA request by Reps Conyers and Slaughter (fighters of the good fight extraordinaire) when now have a brand new Gannon scandal to chew over. Its seems that our favorite Fake journalist/Fake Marine/male prostitute, Jim Guckert had access to the White House even on days when there were no press briefings. Worse yet, Secret Service entrance/exit logs are suspiciously incomplete numerous times regarding him.
Now since I think we all know where this is heading, I thought it'd be educational to see the self righteous tizzy the Republicans put them selves in the Last time this happened,(yep its happened before) when it involved Barney Frank and Stephen Gobie
For those of you coming in late Stephen Gobie was Barney Frank's housekeeper/boyfriend, who happened to be also running (likely unbeknownst to Barney) a male prostitution ring out of the apartment as well.

Of course the House Ethics Committee got involved (back in the quaint days when we had such a thing), and reprimanded Frank. But not before a whole slew of Republican's tried their mightiest to get Frank expelled or censured. Their rhetoric will be interesting to hand back to them when they try to bury the upcoming scandal as "minor"

First the House Republicans made a motion to override the reprimand and insist on censure ( a reprimand as we now know from Timmy the Hammer's troubles carries no obvious repercussions, a censure would have cost him his committee chairmanships)

Motion to Censure
136 Cong.Rec. H5655-01
Mr. Speaker I rise to
explain a motion to recommit, and to insist on censure, ... This entire scandal
is painful both for him and for his colleagues. Yet we are where we are. We have
the facts we cannot avoid. Some have suggested these facts are tainted by
partisanship or by lifestyle. Those charges sadden me almost beyond words....
There is no duty more important than maintaining the public respect for the
U.S. House of Representatives.
There is no duty more important than judging
our colleagues when they engage in improper contact.
People are looking for
a guidepost as to how they should live, how their institutions should behave,
and who they should follow. Our decisions are not made today about two
individuals; our decisions are made today about the integrity of freedom, about
belief in our leaders.

When that Motion failed; the Republicans led by the late and unlamented Mr Dannemeyer insisted Barney be expelled:

H. RES. 442
I was a deputy district attorney and a trial lawyer for years
on bothsides, plaintiff and defense, civil and criminal, and with that
background I began reading the report of the ethics committee
The truth of the matter is
that Mr. Frank has admitted that he committed a felony on
numerous occasions in the District of Columbia during the interval of April
1, 1985, through August
1987. Mr. Frank also admitted that he invited
for purposes of prostitution, which is a violation of DC Criminal Code
22-2701, maximum fine, 90 days in jail.Mr. Frank also admitted that he is
in viola tion of making lewd, obscene, or
indecent sexual proposals, which is a violation of DC Criminal Code 22-1112,
with a maximum of 90 days in jail.

{the Issue}today is simply this: Do we tolerate, do we condone a Member
of this body who knowingly ...associated with a
known prostitute?.

Mr. HOLLOWAY.I rise to say the ethics of this Nation looks at this House to
give us guidelines on what we do in the future. How can we ask a school teacher
who has committed crimes to resign if we are not willing to stand up in our

I am here to say that Frank has admitted enough to me to say that, as
a person who believes in the Christian ethics of this Nation, who believes that
the whole Nation looks at us to say that what you do should be OK for everyone
to do. If you are willing to let your Member get by with this, if you are
willing to accept this, what will we accept next?

Mr. DORNAN of California.
I want to raise this back to the higher issue
of whether Mr. FRANK should have resigned. My brother is a high school teacher,
Richard Dornan. This would have destroyed his career, anything remotely
approaching this. My career as an Air Force officer, finis, finished. As a
broadcaster in television, if I did not resign, I would be fired...
Any Republican would have lost in a primary. This is why I love my party, and there is a track record to prove it.
I will vote for expelling because you did not
have the honor or decency to resign.

How do we deal with revelations that Frank hired a male
prostitute to be his sexual partner? I say there is no special problem here. We
treat Frank the same way we would treat a heterosexual congressman who hired a woman prostitute, bedded her down in his domicile and let her operate a
prostitution ring from his place.We would be asking for the resignation, or
ejection from Congress, of the heterosexual lawmaker on grounds that his
behavior was egregiously offensive and his judgment so bad as to render him
unfit to make the laws of the land."

and those Voting to expel?:

Barton Bunning Burton Coble Crane Dannemeyer Dornan (CA)
Duncan Fawell Hall (TX) Hancock *Hastert * Herger Holloway Hopkins Hunter
Lightfoot Livingston McEwen Moorhead Packard Porter Quillen Robinson Rogers Roth
Sarpalius Schuette Schulze Shumway Smith, Denny (OR) Smith, Robert (NH) Smith,
Robert (OR) Stearns Stump Sundquist Vucanovich Wylie

Just thought you'd like to have these little quotes handy in about two weeks when the Republicans start the "Its no Big Deal" dance about Gannon/Guckert and his soon-to be discovered WH client.


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